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Steve has a way of capturing the character of the birds he renders.  Every bird is unique in some way, while sicking to the true features that make them recognizable as the birds they are. 

His birds include, but are not limited to Woodpeckers, Finches, Chickadees, Wrens, Owls, Bluebirds, Tanagers just to name a few.  The most wonderful thing about Steve's birds; They are tough enough to fare a Montana summer and winter.  His high fire ceramics can live inside or outside your door on a fence or above your fireplace.

In Addition to Steve's Birds, he also carries his line of beautiful coffee mugs of all sizes, bowls, and some sculptural vases.  His dishware has a dipped look with blues, greens and purples.  These will soon become your favorite coffee cups.  

Note: only a small portfolio is available for this online store:
To learn more about Steve Thostenson's work, inquire about available new  pieces, or ask about commissions

Contact Steve:
Come down and see us at The Artist's Shop, 127 North Higgins, Missoula Montana for a much larger selection of his work!

Steve Thorstenson, Ceramics


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